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Construction Works started at Kemerton Site

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Recently Kerman’s project at the MARBL Lithium JV’s Kemerton Plant (60% owned by Albemarle) has moved from Design to Construction phase. Last month Kerman mobilised their project team members to the construction site at Kemerton in Western Australia. The construction works are now well underway and expected to be completed by the end of this year.

The scope of the greenfield project comprises two separable portions – one includes the design and construction of the Pyromet Buildings, such as the Spodumene Storage building, the Acidified Ore Handling building and the Tailings Building. The other separable portion includes the Sodium Sulphate Packaging and Storage Warehouse, Sodium Sulphate Pallet Storage building, Lithium Hydroxide Packaging and Storage Warehouse and Lithium Hydroxide Pallet Storage building as well as the Boiler and Air Compressor buildings.