Human resources

Kerman is able to deliver successful design and construction outcomes because we have an exceptional team of talented, experienced and motivated people. We recognise that our people are our strength and we have been able to achieve and improve our position in the marketplace because we have been able to attract and retain a team of high calibre people.

We are successful in this regard because:

  • We are fair and ethical and we make people feel welcome and part of the team.
  • We develop project specific HR/IR Management Plans to establish a process that aligns with the respective HR frameworks of our clients.
  • We foster a long term proactive approach to the development of HR/IR programs and policies and at the same time, acknowledge the need for continuous improvement.
  • We have a flexible approach in all aspects of the HR/IR management of our people and in alignment with the Kerman values.
  • We aim to recognise the variety of choice in how people issues can be managed and ensure that every consideration is afforded people in all circumstances of people management.
  • We provide autonomy and encourage employees to contribute ideas for improvement.

We select all subcontractors carefully to ensure they fit into our cooperative environment so that the same employee relation outcomes are achieved for every person on all our sites.