Kerman is committed to sustainable environmental practices by ensuring our work activities do not negatively impact on the environment. This commitment is driven by our Directors and Senior Management and requires practical implementation by our site teams. Ongoing inspections and audits are regularly completed, both internally and externally, to monitor our environmental compliance and system implementation.

Every person within Kerman has a duty of care and responsibility to ensure their personal or group activities do not adversely impact the environment. Supervision and management personnel have additional responsibility in regard to monitoring compliance and investigating reports of potential environmental impact.

The corporate environmental objectives and targets for Kerman:

  • Zero environmental incidents,
  • Evaluate environmental risks for each project and ensure the control measures introduced are adequate as to not impact the environment,
  • Ongoing commitment to waste management, waste reduction and recycling,
  • Close out all corrective actions and system improvements identified through audits, inspections, non-conformances, incident reporting and other sources.

Kerman provides training to all personnel involved with or responsible for conducting activities that have potential to impact on the environment. Training will be specific to the activities being undertaken and the level of environmental risk related to that activity.

A continual improvement philosophy allows us to build on lessons learnt and constantly develop our environmental systems. We expect everyone in our business to embrace and diligently deliver on their environmental responsibilities at all times.